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Anna S. Dębowska, Gazeta Wyborcza, 01.10.2016

Aleksander Dębicz and Marcin Zdunik play Bach.

Bach. Chorales. Improvisations is a programme in which cellist Marcin Zdunik and pianist Aleksander Dębicz have been immersed for a year, moving from chorales to very casual, atmospheric improvisations. It is worth listening to this eruption of musicality and invention. The artists approach the work of Johann Sebastian Bach boldly, but with respect and admiration.

Anna S. Dębowska, Gazeta Wyborcza, 23.09.2016

Cinematic Piano at the Concert Studio of Polish Radio.

Twelveoriginalcompositions inspired by the cinema and soundtracks will be performed on Saturday by Aleksander Dębicz, a pianist, composer and fan of the cinema,especially AlexandreDesplat and Thomas Newman who have developed their own distinctive film music styles. Dębicz has included the 12 pieces in his excellent Cinematic Pianoalbum on which he shares his musical world, shaped by classical music and film, with his audience. Now we will hear them live at the Concert Studio of Polish Radio, with the pianist adding a few new pieces for good measure.

Robert Piaskowski, Director of the Kraków Film Music Festival, for Presto magazine, 20 August 2016:

Aleksander Dębicz was a discovery. Cinematic Piano was
a concert I organized because I thought, “here’s a great guy,
I really like his album, I’ll try this as an experiment, in the small concert room, we’ll see”. What happened was several-minute standing ovations, three encores, an extraordinary imagination, thinking through form, a pastiche of Alexandre Desplat’sThe Ghost Writer, an entire orchestra under his fingers; it was a discovery.

Anna Józefiak, www.klubfilmowy.pl, 30 June2015:

Aleksander Dębicz – drawing inspiration from the cinema and soundtracks – also filled a gap that had long demanded attention: he showed that classical music and film music were twin genres, using a similar language, requiring similar sensitivity and equally advanced skills. He familiarized audiences with the traditional genre while presenting the value of film music to admirers of classical sound. It’s great that he did!