4 Toccatas

I am very excited to introduce to you the score of my four Toccatas, pieces I have composed in 2018 for my fourth album „Invention”.

Toccatas refer to Bach’s epoch with regard to form – they are short pieces with virtuosic tone which display the finger technique, whereas their character is definitely modern. The 1st and 3rd Toccatas are a reference to hip-hop music, which I listen to frequently. Similarly to the composers of the past, who used and transformed well-known folk dances, I made a reference to popular music inserting its elements to a classical form. The 2nd and 4th Toccatas have a type of narration emblematic of film music, which is very close to me. It seems to me that both, hip-hop and film music are strongly influential to modern art these days. It is no surprise, since rap and film surround us. I have a positive attitude towards this fact and this is where the idea for the Toccatas came from.

I invite you not only to listen to my music but also to interpret it your way. I hope you will enjoy playing Toccatas. Don’t forget to share your performances!

4 Toccatas for piano solo
Copyrights 2018 by Aleksander Dębicz

Score edit: Aleksandra Chmielewska
Graphic design: Gaba Jordan
Printed in Warsaw by Drukarnia w Oficynie

If you’d like to buy a copy of 4 Toccatas, write me an e-mail!