anD composer

Dębicz is certainly an impressive player. The cinematic moods range from nostalgia and suspense to pulsing excitement, all dashed off with Dębicz's verve and virtuosity. Definitely a talent to watch.

Classic FM

Dębicz’s own toccatas (…) rhythmic verve is hard to resist.

Misha Donat, "BBC Music Magazine"

Aleksander Dębicz was a discovery. What happened was several-minute standing ovations, three encores, an extraordinary imagination, thinking through form, an entire orchestra under his fingers; it was a discovery.

Robert Piaskowski, "Presto"

(…) here Dębicz and Zdunik’s sensitive Bach chorale transcriptions have been punctuated with their own improvisatory responses to them, and the emotional and stylistic directions these have taken often carry us off to surprisingly profound new musical waters – sometimes loosely rooted in form and tonality, at other times freer on all levels as thoughts unfurl.

Charlotte Gardner, "Gramophone"